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Where self-love & unconditional love connect.

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About the Show

The LOVE eSeminar program focuses on giving viewers and participants an opportunity to share their life experiences via interactive stories and real-life immersive training. It is a safe space to learn, heal, and grow.

The goal of this program is to allow any person to co-create new life experiences by Living On Valuable Energy (LOVE) with a focus on heart-to-heart discussions, topics, and inspiration presented during the live show.

  • LOVE is living life on purpose while doing what you were destined to do.
  • LOVE is showing up as your authentic self.
  • LOVE is being accountable for how you show up in the world.
  • LOVE is taking control of the energy you emanate.
  • LOVE is understanding that your life experiences may or may not be exchanged, received, or reciprocated equitably or equally.
  • LOVE is a process of co-creating.
  • LOVE is catching your wave, navigating your life experiences, and being and experiencing oneness.

Living On Valuable Energy – LOVE, allows each of us to express and experience LOVE through an open heart. LOVE fuels connections from deep within and via the minds, hearts, and eyes of others while creating a space to LOVE yourself and give and receive LOVE unconditionally. 

LOVE eSeminar is an interactive live streamed show. The show broadcasts at least once per month. Guests on the show share their life experiences and personal journey to touch, move, and inspire others to take the journey, catch their wave, heal, and live on valuable energy.

The show is produced by hosts Dr. Shinshuri and Tamike Wright. Show topics are based on outcomes from prior cohort training and RITMO retreats. The first show topics include:

Episode 1

Love and Happiness

Love and happiness are fundamental to all of life. We have plans for a special guest!

Episode 2

Self-love Experience

Delve into self-love experiences and prepare to chart your inner voyage to freedom.

Episode 3

RITMO Experience

Tap in, embrace the RITMO Experience, and unleash your greatness. Life is a wave, catch it!

Episode 4

Ebb + Flow of Love

Learn to live on valuable energy: Recognize, surrender, accept, open, listen, transform, and experience.

To participate in the show interested guests must register for either 1) Self-Love Experience, 2) RITMO Experience, or 3) both.

Living On Valuable Energy

The Theme Song